Saturday, January 3, 2009

B I O:

Paul Howalt graduated with a BFA in graphic design from Arizona State in 1991. After spending 2 years working for Charles S. Anderson in Minneapolis, he high-tailed it back to Arizona mostly because he doesn't like blizzards and hates to wear pants.

Somehow between then and now he and his wife have accumulated 2 kids, a grossly overweight cat and a chihuahua that bites him whenever she gets the chance.

His wife feels that he has way too many toys for someone his age and that he needs to shave his back more often.

Paul enjoys listening to the likes of Weezer, P.O.D., Cake, Southern Culture On The Skids, Switchfoot, Soul Coughing and Blink 182. He is hopelessly addicted to Twizzlers, Diet Mt. Dew and Ebay.

Paul aspires to have free time someday.

You might have noticed a slight switch in illustration style. Alright, a BIG switch!... let me explain: I haven't completely given up my modern cartoon style of rendering that you might be more familiar with. I can still be bribed and flattered easily enough. But for the next phase of my illustration career, I've chosen to go back to my roots and explore linear gestural drawing. It's a style that has fascinated me from my years at Arizona State to my first peek at a 1963 'Graphis' annual in the University of Minnesota library. Now I'm excited to forge ahead full steam, and hope that you find a project that I can knock out of the park for you.

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